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Credit Report Repair and Restoration
Our product has been used successfully by mortgage companies, banks and real estate companies nationwide to help their clients who have been turned down for credit. They now qualify for the home they wanted or loan they needed. This program is now available for individuals as well. Think of all the money you can save by having good credit. Lower interest rates means less money out of your monthly budget. Furniture and appliance stores offer 0% interest on purchases for 6 months to a year if you have good credit. Don't spend the next 7-10 years as a victim of high interest or no borrowing power. Remember, knowledge is power and you now have a way to get back your credit worthiness. The only thing you have to lose by using Protect Your Rights Credit Protection/Credit Restoration is bad credit.  Contact us today!

Remove the following from your credit report...

Foreclosures Collection Accounts Bankruptcy Late Payments
Charge Offs Repossessions Liens Judgements

    We are dedicated to educating the consumer on how to get out of debt and get back their good credit standing. We bring to you over 60 years collective experience behind the scenes of the banking, collection, credit counseling and credit restoration industry, because we know how the banks, collection agencies and credit reporting companies operate. We bring to you firsthand knowledge. There are a lot of self credit repair kits out there, but that's all they are. Protect Your Rights is a real credit restoration and repair program. Our program offers the ability to protect yourself and your credit. In the event of a job loss, you will also learn the laws protecting you from creditor harassment. How to stop collection calls to home and work, how to negotiate payment arrangements with your creditors, and what to do and who to contact if your rights are being violated and how to establish new credit. You will learn how to read a credit report and understand it, and much more. We also now include "How to buy a new or used car without losing your shirt" written by a veteran car salesman.  The above mentioned manual is a gift to you for using our full service credit restoration program.

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